What is the meaning of abstract art?

What is the meaning of abstract art?

Are you ever drawn to abstract art but wonder if it actually has a meaning?

Well, the answer is, it depends.

Some argue that abstract art should be free from any concrete meaning, allowing the viewer to interpret the work based on their own subjective experience and emotions. However, for many artists, their abstract creations are deeply personal and meaningful. They use their intuition and emotions to create pieces that are almost like a diary of their thoughts and feelings. For them, abstract art is a language that speaks volumes about their inner selves. So, the next time you gaze upon an abstract masterpiece, remember that it may hold a profound and intimate meaning for the artist who created it.

Do abstract art has to have a meaning?

I create art intuitively. The moment I start to paint feels like I’m in a zone, it is sort of my own way of meditation. I am in my studio every day BUT I cannot push myself daily to paint. I need to feel it. When taht moment comes I act almost like an animal, going crazy with paint, working on several paintings at the time, I’m using so much energy that after couple of hours I feel draint, almost empty. That is the moment when I know I need to stop, fill back up my creativity with new emotions and express it the next moment I’ll feel the calling. Does my art has a meaning? It is filled with tones of feelings, it is my own diary, it my own language. So for me YES IT HAS A MEANING.

Abstract art is a special kind of art where the artist doesn't try to paint or draw things that look like the real world. Instead, they use colors, shapes, lines, and textures to create something that is unique and creative. Some abstract art can look like a bunch of shapes and colors all mixed together, while others might look like a bunch of lines or patterns.

Now, you might be wondering, does abstract art have to have a meaning? Well, that's a great question! Sometimes, abstract art is like a secret message from the artist. They might use certain colors or shapes to tell a story or to express a feeling. It's kind of like a puzzle that we have to figure out by looking at the art and trying to understand what the artist is trying to say. Other times, abstract art is just meant to be enjoyed for how it looks. The artist might have created it just because they thought it would be pretty or interesting to look at.

What's really cool about abstract art is that it can mean different things to different people. One person might look at an abstract painting and feel happy or excited, while someone else might feel sad or confused. It's all about how the art makes you feel, and what you see when you look at it.

So, whether abstract art has a meaning or not, it's still a really cool and creative way for artists to express themselves. And it's also a great way for us to use our imaginations and come up with our own ideas about what the art means.



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